We (Leah and Pam) are a mother/daughter duo who have worked together for over 10 years.  Pam's passion, creativity, and experience (of over 30 years) paired with Leah's fresh ideas and attention to detail, produces an exceptional outcome that has often exceeded expectations of their clients. 

Working remotely, purposely not having a commercial storefront, allows prices to stay affordable, while giving each client and wedding careful attention without being "spread too thin".  Being a floral designer for only celebrations without the pressure of running a full service floral store allows us to take the time needed to meet with clients (sometimes multiple times),  source the highest quality materials, produce a product that hopefully meets if not exceeds their expectations, and deliver it to the venue.

Also available during the summer months we offer fresh (ORGANIC) flowers straight from our farm!  With many styles to choose from, we offer everything from sunflowers and zinnias, to statice, globe amaranth, asters, dahlias, peonies, ornamental kale, hanging amaranthus, hops, succulents, and more!  Your wedding can be a majority of home grown flowers, ordered specialty flowers, or somewhere in-between!