Leah McDaniel - Floral Designer/Owner

You could say I’ve obtained an eclectic set of skills and style over my 30 something lifetime thus far. Animals, art, nature, biology, and music have mostly ruled it - however, that has changed to now a spunky, lovable 4 yr old ruling it…….and of course my amazing clients. I did the college thing (loved every minute of it, even though I had no idea what direction I was going in), I’ve waitressed….a lot, worked in a veterinary hospital, a lawyers office, and of course our flower farm in the summers. All of which have shaped who I am, and how I think. I would love to say I’ve traveled the world, but it hasn’t happened QUITE yet. In time, I’ll get there, but for now I get to meet some truly exceptional people within the wedding floral industry. My goal is to continue to grow by pushing myself, traveling to new locations (dutch country!) to learn from world renowned floral designers, learn/see new species of flowers, try my hardest to be a good mom and wife, and enjoy the little things in life without dwelling on too many imperfections or tripping over too many obstacles.

I have a NEED to constantly learn and get better, and I find it so amazing and refreshing that my clients continually give me the inspiration to do this.  I am obsessed with looking for fresh ideas and creative ways to showcase the beauty of flowers and nature.  I have an annoying habit of paying attention to every detail, ensuring the outcome is the best I can do no matter the size of the wedding. I am so excited to create and get started on, to hopefully produce an outcome that our clients have dreamed about.  Each "off-season"  I look for workshops where I can learn, become better, and find even more inspiration through floral designers who've traveled the world.  I have been one of the lucky ones to find and love my best friend, start a family, and have a career that feeds the soul continuously.